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A   Person   can   learn   job   skills   with   ROP!

Enroll in one of Amador High School Programs now...Especially if you are looking for actual hands-on training and are interested in a job in these fields: Automotive, Business and Clerical Training, Computer Operations, Computerized Accounting, Construction Technology, or Hospital/Health Related Occupations. Call Sandi Glenn for additional information...209-223-4258.

The following programs are located on Amador High School campus

Automotive Training, Mr. Pantle Business Skills and Clerical Training, Mrs. Peccianti Computerized Accounting, Mrs. Peccianti

These programs are located on Argonaut High School campus

Business Skills and Clerical Training, Mrs. Banttari Computer Operations, Mrs. Banttari Construction Technology, Mr. Schlinkman Hospital/Health Related Occupations, Mrs. Gates

This program is located at Calaveras High School in San Andreas and Amador County residents may attend.

Cosmetology, Mrs. Savickas, 209-754-3597 for more information

Director of Amador County ROP...Pat Miller Independence High School 209-267-5274

Links for the Inquiring Minds....

What is ROP?: To learn more about Rop check out this site.
Training Site Programs in California: Great place to shop for training programs.
Other training programs...: databank of technical and trade schools for training in certain occupations
Unemployment Office: databank of job openings
Argonaut ROP Career Center: great place to find occupational information
Amador ROP Career Center: another awesome spot for career information
Mother Lode: The Job Connection: information resource for someone that may be interested in Calaveras county
Internships: worldwide opportunities for on-the-job training or for advice on job "stuff"

Be   Good   to   Yourself   and   Enroll   in   a   program   that   can   help   you   build   a   brighter   future.